Exhibition of the works by Kulesza Brothers

A unique display of handmade models from the Star Wars University. Adam and Marek Kulesza create their works from simple raw materials which are exceptional thanks to their scale and the level of details. They have been adding new exhibits to the collection for over 20 years, creating unique models on a European scale. Adam and Marek Kulesza have won numerous awards and present their works to pop culture enthusiasts at conventions and events all over the world. You will be able to meet them already in August at the Kraków's Confiction! Stay tuned.


Bored with Muggle beer? Confiction will give you a unique opportunity to taste cream beer straight from Hogsmeade! Hogwarts' favourite beverage will make you feel good and make you feel like a real wizard. Who knows, maybe you will meet Harry, Hermione or Ron during the tasting... On August 16th, 17th and 18th, get yourself ready for huncwot map and look for the magical cream beer stand.

Children's area

If you are wondering if our convention is a good place for a family weekend, it's a hundredfold YES. Younger participants will surely be delighted with all the characters they will be able to meet at our convention and will fall in love with the attractions prepared by us. Whatever your age, we can provide you with a lot of fun. A special zone for the young participants will be home to games, animations, workshops and a whole lot of magic and goodness they can imagine.


Are you a regular visitor to conventions, or is it your first time? One thing is certain, you have to take part in our cosplay competition. Introduce your hero to us and depict him as thoroughly as possible. All right, it doesn't have to be that exact, you don't have to be a professional actor, for us it's all about being creative and having fun. Let your great hero become a part of Confiction for a while.

Wandsmaking workshops

You don't need to go to the Ollivander's Shop at Diagon Alley anymore. At Confiction you will learn how to create real wands. However, it is the materials you will use to create them from that will choose you; in the end they will determine who becomes their owner! You will use different materials to make the most important object of the wizard. How do you see it, will it be a wand made with the hair of a unicorn's tail or a fiber from a dragon's heart?

The Smurfs

Thanks to the Delegation of Wallonia and Brussels in Poland, one of the attractions at Confiction will be an exhibit on the Smurfs, prepared on the occasion of the recent 60th anniversary of the debut of the little blue creatures in comic books. We invite Smurf lovers of all ages who would like to get their story and their creators better.

The exhibit is prepared by Wallonia-Brussels International in cooperation with IMPS The Smurfs Brussels. The graphic design of the Polish version was prepared by the Comic Society of Kraków (Krakowskie Stowarzyszenie Komiksowe).

Retro games

Do you like games from a dozen or even dozens of years ago? Thanks to cooperation with the Historic Computers and Games (Dawne Komputery i Gry) foundation, you will be able to play classics of electronic entertainment. Among dozens of stations you will find, among others, Commodore 64 (International Karate, Boulder Dash, Pac-Man), Amiga 500 (Lotus, Franko, Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder), NES (Super Mario, Excitebike, Duck Tales, Tetris), SNES (Smurfs, Donkey Kong Country, Fifa 96), Nintendo 64 (Super Mario 64, Tetrisphere, Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis), Atari 2600 (Space Invaders, Pac man, Tank, Haunted House) and a network of PCs running Windows 98 (Duke Nukem 3d, Dyna Blaster).

The equipment was chosen so as to showcase the evolution of games, computers and consoles from the end of the 1970s all the way to the beginning of the 21st century. The entire zone will of course be fully interactive – all machines will be playable. Classic CRT displays will serve as screens. See you there!

Retro games

Who doesn’t like to play board games from time to time? Everyone had the opportunity to play chess, Monopoly or Scrabble. Great Games Room from Gralicja will be open 24h/day for you! They have prepared over 500 titles that you can play and also take parts in lots of contests, tournaments and more!

Kobito Rakugo

Three passionate adherents of Japanese one-man theatre – Rakugo, who have made it their objective to popularise this art form. They have already taken the stage at many conventions, always attracting large numbers of viewers. At ConFiction, they will prepare for You speeches, workshops, and, most importantly – their performance. If you ever watched „Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinhuu” and would like to see Rakugo live – this is something for You. Or perhaps you've never heard of this art form before? Nothing lost! It's about time to get to know it. It's really worth it!

Ekipa Dźwięcznego Woksela (EDW), the Voiced Voxel Team

In faraway Tokyo, in the district of Akihabara, one can find a plethora of gaming machines, which are able to utilise coordination of the sense of sight, hearing and motion to the extreme, at the same time! Experience this at ConFiction Festival, thanks to a group of passionate followers, who will bring with them replicas of machines and ensure that both a novice and an experienced player would have a lot of fun! In the music games zone you will also find ports of popular games such as "gatcha" and a specially prepared place to take photographs.

The publishing house

ConFiction Festival will be visited by the head of the Polish anime publishing house, Tomasz "Owoc" Lewoc. He is a passionate lover of games, with enormous knowledge, known among fans as a well-prepared speaker.
Together with you, he will analyse the publishing market landscape in Poland and will dig through fresh series published in Japan, both the hits as well as those less appreciated. And if you ask him, he will definitely say a lot more 😉

Take a look at the Animagia website, to find perfectly translated anime:

Open-air cinema

Summer is the best time for film screenings in the open. At Confiction, you will have a chance to participate in unique film screenings on the big screen. The line-up will be announced soon. You can't miss this!

Manggha museum

The Manggha museum is a fusion of basic functions of a museum with the broad activity of a living cultural of centre, popularising knowledge on Japan and the Far East. The modern, friendly building, designed by renowned Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, houses a new type of museum that utilises new methods and forms of action. Using rich experiences and contacts, we deal with issues related primarily to art, but also music, theatre, film, literature, philosophy, religion of Japan and the Far East. Until now we have had over 100 exhibits, both of traditional Japanese art, contemporary graphics, painting, installations, as well as newest technologies straight from Japan.